Thankful Paws

From: A Grateful Client  

Date: 2/26/17 8:22 PM (GMT-06:00)

To: Cody Dustin <>

Subject: Thank you

Hello Cody ,

Hope all is well and you are doing great. I was able to take Valentino to vets office on friday the 23rd. I hope it was okay. There are truely no words to thank you and your organization enough. You guys helped me when we needed it most. 

Valentino had ear infection but medicine should take care of that. He also has cataract in right eye vet gave some medicine for that. I hope i can help someone in need when they need it or if i can assist you guys with anything . i am still looking for full time employment. I hopefully i will something soon. 

Again thank you for your help.. Please let me know if can be any help . 

M and V

A Note from one of our Clients.

Tucker’s Gift, I sure needed you in helping my poor Daisy who had a blood virus. I appreciate your help paying for the office visit, house lab, CBS results and fecal test. Thanks Gene.

From Tucker’s Gift – Thanks Gene, we are so happy that we could help.